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Kenya Safaris

2 Days Trip to Amboseli National Park $ 340

2 days trip to Amboseli National Park is one of the most unique safaris in Kenya. The park is mainly savannah grassland spread across the Kenya-Tanzania border,

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3 Days Tsavo National Park $ 420


3Days Adventurer Explore Africa safari to Tsavo East / West National Park can starts from Mombasa / Malindi for one night at Galdessa, Lyok Tsavo Camp,Ashnil Aruba or any other similar Category Tsavo East side and one night at Serena Kilaguni safari lodge, Ngulia safari lodge, Finch Hutton, Voyager ziwani safari lodge, Lion bluff lodge and any other of similar Category.

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Double Heart Resort,

Adventurer Explore Africa offers accommodation at Double heart which Situated in the heart of the city of Malindi. The Double Heart Resort, is the ideal location to have a relaxing and funny holiday.

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Driftwood Beach Club Malindi

Adventurer Explore Africa offers you the accommodation at Driftwood Beach Club Malindi. The Club was founded in 1963 and it is the only hotel remaining in this bay for many years.

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  • Kenya Lodge Safaris

    Safari program that give you the accommodation in one of the four to five star kind of Hotel A lodge safari, also known as a luxury safari, is a type of a tour where tourist’s accommodation is in a safari lodge or game lodge.These are permanent facilities with solid walls made of brick and stone or other local walling materials. Most tourist lodges have many of the amenities you would find in a hotel, including a restaurant, a swimming pool, a bar, en-suite bathrooms and toilets, and gift shops among others. The rooms in the lodges may be housed in one main building,or huts or chalets separated by small distances.

  • Mt. Kenya

    Adventurer Explore Africa Ltd Organize trekking to Mt.Kenya which is he highest mountain in the Kenya and second in Africa. We arrange the climbing using three different routes with a view to enjoy the seeinery. Our Mountain guides are highly qualify and can be able to monitor clients capability, also to use their experience to make very possible to client's dream of reaching the top point of the mountain.The trekking starts with 3 days  to 6 days depending with the route. Please Check the routes and join the trip for Trekking.

  • Kenya Camping Safaris

    Camping Safari is an outdoor recreational activity, it is a type of holiday or Safari where you sleep outside in tents enjoy nature while spending one or several nights outdoors, It is usually at a campsite. The participants  known as campers, leave urban areas, their home region, or civilization and enjoy nature while some people like to sing songs, sharing travel experience over a campfire, this is what Makes us to be Adventurer as we Explore Africa. Camping Safari Cost is less compare to Luxury Tented or Lodge Safaris. Check samples of the trip and even if you don't see what suits you, send us email and we will help you to plan for your safari so that your dream can be fulfilled.

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