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Mt. Kenya

Adventurer Explore Africa Ltd Organize trekking to Mt.Kenya which is he highest mountain in the Kenya and second in Africa. We arrange the climbing using three different routes with a view to enjoy the seeinery. Our Mountain guides are highly qualify and can be able to monitor clients capability, also to use their experience to make very possible to client's dream of reaching the top point of the mountain.The trekking starts with 3 days  to 6 days depending with the route. Please Check the routes and join the trip for Trekking.

4 Days Sirimon-Sirimon route

Mount Kenya Accommodation at shipton

Climbing Mount Kenya Sirimon route is much more scenic than Naromoru and it is on the drier side of the mountain which offers some of the finest walking. Climb up through forest into a wide ridge approach to the summit area.

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4 Days Naro Moru - Naro Moru route


Naro Moru route is the most popular route although not the most scenic. It is also the fastest route to point Lenana. Take this classic route up Mount Kenya though the notoriously

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5 Days Sirimon Route


Mt Kenya Climbing for 4 days  3 nights passing through Mt Kenya National Park, moderate Trekking distance of 60 Kms, Starting from Nairobi and Ends in Nairobi with an approximately 15miles per day or 6hrs 30min.

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5 Days Sirimon Chogoria route



5days Mount Kenya trekking through Sirimon to Chogoria route is one of the most scenic routes that provide memorable features with best acclimatization and more gentle ascent. The great fauna and floras and all these provide good opportunities to capture pictures in wide coverage for your memories.

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5 Days Sirimon route out Chogoria

Climbing Mount Kenya in 5 days covers a total of 80 km of hiking and is considered to be moderately difficult. It may not be the highest Mountain but it’s one of the best trekking and climbing Mountains It is one of the East African Mountains that passes along the Equator

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5 Days Chogoria Naro moru route

5days Mount Kenya chogoria route is one of the best scenic route, sometime the route is wet to drive and you must be prepared to trek. Climb mount kenya through  Chogoria  to Naro moru Route, Mount Kenya, Mount Kenya climbing routes

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6 Days Naro Moru-Chogoria route


Day 1. Nairobi - Mt Kenya

Depart Nairobi in the morning arriving Naro moru in time for lunch. After lunch you proceed to Mt Kenya Youth Hostel for dinner and overnight.

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