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Arusha Tanzania

Arusha is one of city in East Africa Located in the northern highlands of Tanzania, located at the base of volcanic Mt. Meru. It's a gateway to safari destinations and to Africa's highest peak, 5,895m Mt. Kilimanjaro. Built by the Germans as a centre of colonial administration in the early 20th century. Arusha was a sleepy town with a garrison stationed at the old boma and a few shops around a grassy roundabout, today it is one of the most prosperous towns. The popular northern safari circuit all stop in the Geneva of Africa to prepare for their journeys into the African bush. To the west lies Serengeti National Park, home to wildlife including lions, rhinoceros, giraffes and leopards. Annual migrations feature huge herds of wildebeests crossing its plains.


A day Trip to Meserani Snake Park

Take a guided tour to  Meserani Snake Park which is located 25km western of Arusha city, learn about some of the most dangerous snakes in the world, from Black and Green Mamba, Egyptian Cobra, Puff Adders including viewing the feeding  time of 3 m crocodile. 

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A day Trip to Marangu Route

In the morning, we will pick you from your hotel and drive to Marangu,  which lies in the fertile hills of Kilimanjaro where a village guide will be waiting for you and bring you first to the Chagga Live Museum, where you will get a deep insight in the traditional lifestyle of this agricultural society and also the family history. He will then lead you through the coffee and banana plantations to a spectacular waterfall.

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A day Trip to Mkomazi National Park

Adventurer Explore Africa organizes excursions to Mkomazi National Park as tailor made tours. The Mkomazi National Park is located in the northern part of Tanzania, between Moshi and Tanga 189km from Arusha town.  The most famous members of the Mkomazi natives are the African wild dogs and the endangered black rhinos that live in a private sanctuary. The park is also one of the best places to see large herds of oryx and gerenuks roaming freely in the open bush land.

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A day Trip to Ngoro Ngoro Crater

After your morning breakfast you will be picked from your Hotel and drive to the Ngoro ngoro Crater. This day trip gives you an opportunity to visit the world-famous site that’s been nicknamed the eighth wonder of the world. Ngoro ngoro crater is a world's largest unbroken caldera, hosting a variety of animals including the rare black rhino. On your arrival to the Ngoro ngoro gate which is about 190 km from Arusha and 275 km from Moshi,

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A day Trip to Lake Manyara National Park

The tour begins from your hotel, picked up in the morning then followed by a pleasant drive westwards to Lake Manyara National Park. You will, enjoy morning with an introduction to northern Tanzanian culture, taking a short break at fascinating Mto wa Mbu village. This incredible ‘village' is actually home to over eighteen thousand inhabitants, drawn from 120 different tribes.

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A day Trip to Tarangire National Park

After breakfast and safari briefing you will be driven as you travel east to the Tarangire National Park. The Park runs along the line of the Tarangire River and is mainly made up of low-lying hills on the Great Rift Valley floor. Its natural vegetation mainly consists of Acacia woodland and giant African Baobab trees, with huge swamp areas in the south. Both the river and the swamps act like a magnet for wild

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A day Trip Arusha National Park

We will Pick you from your hotel in the morning and drive to the Arusha National Park. The park has an incredible variety of fauna and flora, which cannot fail to impress you. Hollywood chose this region to film the Hatari movie in which Hardy Kruger starred alongside the legendary John Wayne. The trip will include a visit to the Ngurdo Crater. Buffaloes, waterbucks, giraffes, warthogs, zebras and baboons

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