Tour to Jinja

Early morning after breakfast you shall be driven from your Kampala hotel traverse to Jinja a destination through Lugazi a favorite place of rest and healing for the Kabakas of the Buganda Kingdom. The people who believe in kiganda traditions still come to seek the old ways at this place, for any visitor, these falls will leave a memorable adventure on your heart.

On your way as you approach Mabira Forest you will come by some of the fast-food dispensers of roasted chicken and beef on sticks done the local way.

On top of the lovely over 310 tree and plant species, the forest has over 290 species of birds and over 218 of butterflies. Never the less you shall find different types of monkey and other mammals in this Forest. Walking underneath this canopy of an African tropical Rainforest.

After get back into the vehicle and go for lunch at the Sunset Hotel -a lovely restaurant perched on a hill over the Nile serving very good with chicken breast stuffed with spinach a great delicacy. It has Ugandan, Chinese, Indian and Italian dishes.

After lunch you will take a short ride to the source of the Nile-a quiet beautiful place, filled with palm trees, fantastic tropical plants and as you walk down the steps toward the Nile you can smell of the flowers there.

As you stand on the Nile, you will hear the gurgling water, watch native fishermen throw their nets in the longest river in Africa- You will take a Boat Ride to the actual source of the Nile and beyond the lake where you will take great pictures for future memories.

You shall after drive to Jinja town once the industrial capital of Uganda but today a residential town filled with many old Indian styled structures in which many Indians lived during the pre-Amin area, some of whom have returned to reclaim their old properties. However Jinja is a multicultural town, dominated by native Basoga mixed up with Baganda, Banyankore Bagwere, Basamya as well as other eastern tribes making it a fusion of a true Uganda town good for any visitor to interact with. Jinja has many shops along the main road and also a place where to buy Ugandan crafts.

Return to the Kampala in time for dinner at your hotel in the evening.